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Originally from Iraq. I was born in Bartella, a small town located east of Mosul. I lived my childhood in Baghdad. However, I moved back to Bartella in 2006 due to lack of safety and the dangers of the aftermath of the war. In 2008, we moved to Turkey, where we applied to be refugees in the United States through the United Nations. Within nine months, we were granted visas to the US.

When I first landed in the US, I knew that I had the opportunity to accomplish all my goals and make my dreams a reality. Nonetheless, it was not easy. Starting with learning the language and culture, to catching up and passing my peers. I started high school as a sophomore, with no records to account for the first year and a half of my high school career. After pouring lots of sweat and tears, I was able to graduate on time, top of my class and get accepted into the university of my choice. I started a web development business shortly after graduating using my self-taught and high school knowledge.

Being fortunate to attend San Diego State University, I was able to grow immensely and take the first step to achieving my goals. During my time at SDSU, I not only got to expand my knowledge and skill sets; but I also got to meet great people, who have left a great impact on my life and future. Taking the knowledge I gained, I expanded my own business to producing professional software and providing consulting services. Soon after I was getting noticed by not only staff and faculty but also by fellow colleagues. This led to me meeting other great entrepreneurial people with whom I started CourseKey.

I joined CourseKey as a technical co-founder. I helped take it from its conception stages to where it is now. During my time in CourseKey I got to lead an amazing engineering team with whom I got to architect, built and maintain the infrastructure and systems running CourseKey. CourseKey has allowed me to achieve many of my goals, from giving back to the community and improving the educational experience to personal and professional growth.