Childhood goal to become an engineer. Over time it got more specific and decided to become a computer engineer. Although, was working professionally as an engineer I wanted to make it official. As of May 2019, I am a SDSU alumnus computer engineer.
<p>Part of me always wanted to have my face in a newspaper. That first became true when I was recognized as <a href="">a leader in STEM by SDSU</a>. Soon after my name and app were in <a href="">the school's paper</a>. After that my name and picture became associated with coursekey and can be found in bunch of papers, articles and even places I didn't expect.</p>
Have a better understanding of where I stand financially. Have a map to get out of dept. Have assets evaluated and documented. Have budget plan.
Ensure easy/early retirement is possible
Won't have to worry about money
Mostly different software


<p>Done a little bit on different places, <a href="">medium</a>, <a href=""></a> and mostly on my <a href="/blog">blog</a>.</p>
Kannah software and consulting services.


<a href="">Facilitating a meeting or education session</a>
Family house
source of income or vacation place


Iraq, Turkey and USA


Fall in love and find the partner that is ideal for me


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