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Jose Monoroy is the Technical Solution Sales Director at Intel Corporation where he is responsible for the incubation of new Data Center and Internet of Things solutions. He was responsible for the mobile and desktop client solution sales engagements with the Asia Pacific and Japan customers in the Americas region. During his career, Mr. Monroy has held multiple positions inside Intel ranging from engineering to product marketing to driving new business development engagements with new customers.

Mr. Monroy received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the California State University Sacramento. Jose also holds an MBA with a concentration in Technology Business Management from the University of Phoenix.


Why did you choose the career you picked? Especially why in STEM?

Finding your why is will allow you to not get discouraged when you fail and never give up. The why will push you through the hardships.

One must understand their motivation because motivation will define what their success is.

Where to work?

There are many places to work at! most people want to be in FAANG: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. This represents the big tech companies however they are not the only places to work at. There are a lot of innovative High-Tech companies here in San Diego.

What does a career in STEM gives you?

A career in STEM is the ticket for the world, you can work anywhere in any industry.

Industrial revolution

We are on the edge of the start of the new industrial revolution. To be more specific the 4th Industrial revolution! The 4th revolution will be the advancement and combination of new technology: IoT, 5G, machine learning, AI and so on...